our mission


We started College Loan Freedom based on the belief that every American deserves guidance and help

in their struggles of handling their student loan debt.

President Obama and our Congress passed significant legislature that established income-driven repayment options with forgiveness programs for everyone who has Federal Student Loans. However, the federal government did not inform the American people about these programs; nor did they write the legislation tax code in a way that could be understood.  These programs are unique to the finance industry and are designed to help student loan borrowers reduce their payments and establish a payoff schedule that will not last a lifetime.

We decided to remove fear, confusion and complexity surrounding the subject of student debt.

Our goal is to understand, guide and educate anyone who turns to us for advice.

We truly believe that every student loan problem has a solution and that everyone deserves relief from the burden they are carrying today. We are no doubt on top of our field and we thoroughly understand the system so we can guide anyone towards their freedom.

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Review their overall financial situation & give them professional advice
Application management, document preparation and temporarily postpone
your payments
We make sure that you take advantage of every benefit entitled to you


what we do for our clients

We have solutions for every student loan problem, they are real and everyone has a right to them.

We can help anyone with a student loan who is not currently enrolled in school.

The process is simple.

All you need to do is reach out to us and let us take care of it. Talking to us costs you nothing but waiting does.

Don’t waste another penny that you could spend on yourself or your family.