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our amazing referral program

We Are Going To Pay You To Help Us Spread The Word

Developing relationships with referral partners was how we want to grow.

The service fee is performance based company. The more money we save, the happier the client is and the more we are able to give to our Referral Partners.

schedule a phone call to become our partner

If you you have clients or loved ones who need help with their student loans, we are here to help.

Our Initial Consultations WIth Them Are Always Free!

Set an appointment with the CLF team to get you registered in our Referral Program.

win-win solution 

You not only help your clients, associates, friends, and family members with easing their finances but you make it possible for them to have more money to invest in their future.

Plus, you get 10% of our fee in your pocket for every client referred to us.


Isn't it a great feeling when you earn money by helping others?

Get in touch with us to create a partnership that will benefit you, your clients, and your community! 


"I saw Larry reduce a $500 a month [student loan] payment down to nothing for a client who had just retired. It was nothing short of amazing."

- Brady Slate,
Senior Marketing Director at World Financial Group

Being our partner is not only lucrative but easy

Student loan debts has is at crisis level and the pool of ethical honest professionals out there helping borrowers is so small that if you post on social media saying that you have found "An Honest Team To Help With Student Loans," you are sure to get a huge response

We work hand in hand with some of the best financial advisors and firms across the country.

We offer in person seminars and remote webinars to widen their knowledge about available solutions for student loan borrowers.

This video is to introduce the power of a financial advisor working with College Loan Freedom.

It is a win+win+win because the client saves money which they are now able to invest in their future.

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