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We Are Going To Pay You To Help Us Spread The Word

We learned early on that developing relationships with referral partners was how we wanted to grow.

The service fee to our clients is based on how much money we can save them the first year, meaning that we are a performance based company. The better we do, the happier the client is and the more we are able to give to our Referral Partners.

You not only help your clients, associates, friends, and family members with easing their finances but you make it possible for them to have more money to invest in their future.

Plus, you get 10% of our fee in your pocket for every client referred to us.


Isn't it a great feeling when you earn money by helping others?

Get in touch with us to create a partnership that will benefit you, your clients, and your community! 


"I saw Larry reduce a $500 a month [student loan] payment down to nothing for a client who had just retired. It was nothing short of amazing."

- Brady Slate,
Senior Marketing Director at World Financial Group

win-win solution 
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If you you have clients or loved ones who need help with their student loans, we are here to help.

Our Initial Consultations Are Always Free!

Here is the link to set an appointment with the CLF team to get you registered in our Referral Program.

Being our partner is not only lucrative but easy

The problem of student loans has become so big and the pool of ethical honest people out there helping borrowers is so small that if you put up an FB, IG, Pinterest, Tweet, or other social media post saying that you have found "An Honest Team To Help With Student Loans" or something to that affect, you are sure to get a huge response. Everyone who comments are potential clients that you can help and make a commission from.

We work hand in hand with some of the best financial advisors and firms across the country.

We offer in person seminars and remote webinars to widen their knowledge about available solutions for student loan borrowers.

Visit our YouTube channel to watch some videos we have created to help people better understand these options.

This video is to introduce the power of a financial advisor working with College Loan Freedom.

It is a win+win+win because the client saves money which they are now able to invest in their future.

We can find that money in their budget using student loan programs.

how you can join us
  1. Get in touch with us so we can tell you the details

  2. Give us your name, address, phone number

  3. Choose how you would like to receive your funds: Venmo or Paypal

  4. We will send you a Referral Agreement 

  5. Last but not least: we ask every client where they heard about us so make sure they say your name and/or you let us know who you referred to us so that we can keep track.

  6. We can even make a traceable calendar link to put on your website so that the traffic your generate can be tracked.

You will get paid within 30 days for funds received by your referral.
things to remember 

> 44 million Americans have student loan debt

(that is an average of 1 in 3 working people).

> 2.75 million new graduates leave college every year with brand new student debt.

> 10 million Americans are in Default on their loans who shouldn't be. Together we can help them all!

> 90% of the 44 million people have not taken advantage of the programs available to them.

> College Loan Freedom is the best way to give these people relief from their student loan debt.

> We also have a 5 Star rating on Facebook and Yelp. Check out what our clients wrote about us:


student loan forgiveness guidebook
free guidebook for clients

If you have an e-mail list, send it to them its free, you might get some responds that will prove to you that people need help with their student loans.

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