Money Back Guarantee


Our 3 part promise to you….

1) If we don’t lower your payment or

2) If we don’t get you into the correct forgiveness program for you or

3) If we don’t save you money in any way then we will refund 100% of your money back instantly.


For Refund


All we ask of you is:

To receive the refund under any of the circumstances outlined above all we ask is that all the information you provide to us is 100% accurate. For us to provide the absolute best service to you the questions we ask must be answered fully and accurately.  


To receive your full refund please call us at (775) 623-7333 and let us know you would like a refund. You can also email Contact@CollegeLoanFreedom.com and give a description of your experience and the reason you want your refund. Whichever way you decide to let us know we will refund the full amount on the card you were charged within 3-5 business days.

Proud To Accept
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