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what others say about us

We are extremely proud and thankful to our clients for all the positive feedback they have been giving us.

They give us fresh energy to work hard towards completing our mission every single day.

Here are some genuine experiences, as told by some of our satisfied clients.

We hope these stories will encourage you to pick up the phone today and begin your own journey towards College Loan Freedom.

"My payments were $550 and now they are $175. With that extra money I'm actually going to invest it. It's just a huge relief off my shoulders to have my payments that much lower... my lower payments have changed my life for the better."    

                - Katie, San Diego CA

"I was paying $500 a month and now I'm paying $0. I'm a small business owner and this was a huge weight off my shoulders and now I am able to put that money back into my business."


- Adrielle Edwards, San Diego CA

"Even if you think you can't get any money off at least take a look, it's not gonna hurt. I tried and didn't think anything was there but you made it extremely easy. Pretty much a 100% positive."


 - Brian Spallerio, Fresno CA

"It is fantastic, I appreciate there is someone going out of their way to figure this out for other people. I'm grateful there is an honest person who took the time to learn all this and wanted to help others."


         - Alex Hernandez, Fresno CA

"In one month span it was gonna double from $150 to $300 dollars and you dropped it down to $0 and it has made the biggest difference. It was a very easy process... I didn't even know that this was an option."

         - Jami Sanford, Fresno CA

"My payments before College Loan Freedom were $500 a month and now they are down to $0. I got a new car and I'm saving money because I am trying to buy a house. I would definitely recommend it."


  - Michelle Gamboa, Fresno CA

"My loans were taking up a third of my paycheck and now I'm not going to pay anything. The money it costs I've saved in one month. It's great you should use it!"


       -Derick Leddy, Punta Arenas Chile

"Awesome great guy, friendly is all get out and if you ever need some help I highly recommend to go to him."


  - Randy Gaede, San Diego, CA

"I owe approximately $93,000 in Student Loans. My payments were about a $1,000 a month. We got it down to $0!
Zero Dollars a Month! It was great!"


       -Matthew Capelle, San Diego, CA

"It was a great experience. The whole thing was... I would definitely recommend Larry's services to anybody that has student loans. At least looking into seeing if they could get the payments down..."           

  - Keith Ward, Fresno, CA

"... I would definitely definitely encourage this to anyone whether you may have a large amount of loans or maybe even a small one. I think that any penny that could be saved would benefit you in the long run."


       -RM Jennifer, Santa Barbara, CA

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